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  • You can search all items* from animal crossing new leaf, including all DLC items and welcome amiibo update items.
  • Search by item name, obtained from, interior theme or fashion theme.
  • Sort the database by item group (e.g. furniture, museum) or category (accessories, tops, shoes).
  • Sets (blue, modern, alphine) are included as an item group.
  • The item list updates in real time as you type.
  • You can order items by Relevance or A-Z.
  • The list loads as you scroll and not all at once so it shouldn't lag your browser at all.

*all items as of 5/5/2017.

How to use

By default all items are listed. To narrow down your search you can use the search boxes or filters. If you want to start over, you can use the reset all button at the bottom left of the sidebar, or simply clear all fields.

Using the search boxes

Begin by typing in the name (full or part) of the item you're looking for and the list will update automatically with all items containing that word. You can use multiple searches at once, for example if you put able (obtained from) and sporty (fashion theme), it will list all sporty themed items which can be purchased from able sisters (useful if you want to look up clothing theme for gracie).

Using the filters

Group and Category are set to all by default. By changing the group, the category list will update with all categories contained within that group. For example, changing the group to museum will give you all categories found in the museum such as bugs, fish, fossils and art. It is easier to change the group first, then search for the category second.


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